Veterinary Referrals

Veterinary Referrals for Rabbits

HRC maintains a List of Veterinarians who provide experienced veterinary care for rabbits so that you can find a veterinarian for your rabbit.

Click here for our list HRC Vet List

JUNE  2024 

We update and manage constantly. Our latest version is dated May 2024. This list is printable. We welcome hearing about your rabbit vet experiences and have an active Facebook group.  Come join us on Facebook so you can meet other rabbit people as well.

We are always searching for rabbit savvy veterinarians. Not all veterinarians are rabbit savvy. Please check our list out. If you are aware of a veterinarian not on the list, we ask that you have your veterinarian complete the below form.

Submit a Veterinarian Listing

HRC is always looking for experienced veterinarians to add to our list. The list is vital for people to be able to find a veterinarian for their rabbits.

vet questionnaire for HRC website addition

If you are a Veterinarian, please download and complete the Vet Questionnaire and email it:

We ask that you TYPE your responses into the Word document please. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!