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Resources & Information

Rabbit Health

RHDV     Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus    VACCINE INFORMATION! Contact us!

You can also check out all the latest information on the virus at House Rabbit Society’s website at

HRC Care Guide  – Free

rabbit care guide April 2023

HRC’s Rabbit Care Guide April 2023

HRC Rabbit Care Guide


Everleigh, adopted in 2022

Veterinary Referrals
HRC’s list of rabbit-savvy veterinarians in MA and CT.

Rabbit Home Requirements

Living with a Rabbit

Finding a New Home for My Rabbit
This guide helps you find a good home for your rabbit. And this is all about rabbit care – they deserve a good, safe, happy hope.

What To Do About Pet Stores
Unfortunately, pet stores often create the conditions for people to bring home rabbits into inappropriate environments.  This page outlines a strategy to education pet store owners and workers.  This is all part of rabbit care and health.