Pet Loss Support

Pet Loss Support

When your fur friend dies, it’s hard to know where to turn for condolence. This can be a difficult time and we understand what you may be feeling.

Covid has changed our lives.  Many of us feel disconnected and alone.  You are not alone,  Reach out to us.  Reach out to facebook sites – there are so many wonderful people out there who will support you and help you get through the pain.   YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

We ask you to send us a note with your beautiful rabbit’s photo on our Facebook page so that we can offer comfort and talk. Our FB group is a wonderful support during this difficult time. Come join our group. We also know of some other supportive people if you prefer. Here are some pet loss support suggestions:

  • University of California at Davis — (916) 752-4200
  • Michigan State University — (517) 432-2696
  • Ohio State University — (614) 292-1823 or email them.
  • HRC Facebook group page.  Come join the group for conversation and support.
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HRC established by rabbit lovers for rabbits.