Rabbit Adoption

Rabbit Adoption    

HOW TO BEGIN PROCESS FOR RABBIT ADOPTION:  Rabbit adoption is a wonderful way to give a rabbit a forever indoor home. Our rabbits are spayed and neutered and need homes.  We are caring for them in our foster sites. We would like to help you to learn about adopting a rabbit and what rabbits need for a healthy, safe and happy life. Please adopt and do not buy.
Give us a call (413/525-9222) or contact us for rabbit adoption.

Learn about how to Adopt a Rabbit. We will help you through the whole process. We will help you learn about proper care and house set up. These links will walk you through the process so that you are familiar with the adoption process and what you will need for your new rabbit.

Adoptable Rabbits
House rabbits currently under our care and available for adoption.

What to Expect if You’re Adopting from HRC
An overview of the HRC rabbit adoption process.

Adopting a House Rabbit
What you need to know about adopting a house rabbit.

Can I Please Have a Rabbit?
An overview of the commitment of adopting a house rabbit.

Adoption Checklist
A detailed checklist to help prepare for rabbit adoption.

Why Adopt a House Rabbit?
An overview of the benefits of adopting a house rabbit.

HRC’s Successful Adoptions
A photo gallery of HRC’s successful house rabbit adoptions.

Post-Adoption Questionnaire
We want to hear how you are doing with your adoptee(s)!