Established in 1997. We are devoted to rabbits. We have met so many friends along the way.


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Adoptable rabbits are taken from shelters/animal care and adoption centers, examined by one of the rabbit-savvy vets who work regularly with HRC and spayed/neutered if not yet performed.  Our rabbits are in loving foster home where they are socialized, litter-trained, and prepared for a loving, permanent, indoor adoptive home.  Many of our rabbits are bonded pair when possible and are available for adoption only as a bonded couple.

By adopting a rescued rabbit, individuals are giving a bunny a new “leap on life.”

Adoption Fees: $85.00 for a single rabbit/$160.00 for a pair of rabbits.
All rabbits are socialized, spayed/neutered and litter box trained.

We are being VACCINATED or SCHEDULED FOR VACCINATION for RHDV and microchipped.

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HRC’s Mission Statement
To take in adoptable, abandoned rabbits, provide foster care, have them spayed or neutered and find quality, indoor homes for them while also educating the public and other organizations about rabbit care.HRC is an all-volunteer, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.  

Miss Junior Mint

Miss Junior Mint

Breed:           Mini Rex – English Spot
Gender:         Female
Age:               3 Years Old
Neutered/Spayed:          Spayed
Looking for a mate:       No
Special requirements:   Experienced Owner Needed. No children. No other animals in the household. Miss Junior Mint wants to be happy and feel safe.

Introducing little Miss Junior Mint–a Massachusetts classic, an entertainment favorite and just an all-around TOTAL JAM in house bunnies! Her uniquely gorgeous and ultra-soft rex coat is just one of the many reasons to fall in love with her (as she will gladly remind you throughout the day). Junior Mint, a.k.a. June-bug a.k.a. Candy-girl is truly a once-in-a-lifetime bun. Lined along her backside, from head to bun-tail is a perfectly sprinkled mix of light brown to black dots that inspired her name–her fresh, sweet, minty personality too.

Animated, energetic, intelligent, alert, always curious and always ready for attention, massage and a treat, Junior Mint spends her very busy days as an Interior Decorator, Head Architect, and Chief Tunnel Digger.  Sleeping throughout the day and late evening, her mornings and late afternoons/early evenings are spent happily rearranging her blankets, towels, and toys in and around her much beloved cardboard tunnels and hidey boxes, stopping only for water and litter-box breaks, head/ear/full body massages and social interaction, personal grooming, full stretch-outs, blissful flops and naps, and anything that resembles a good healthy snack or timothy hay block. She LOVES fresh Timothy hay, spending a lot of time munching and chilling out in her litter box.


Breed:           Will be announced
Gender:         Male
Age:               3 Years Old
Neutered/Spayed:          Neutered
Looking for a mate:       Yes, maybe
Special requirements:   Needs rug area as he slips on floor.


Dusty the Dust Bunny is an adorable, young (3 year old) , healthy male bunny with a winning personality!  He’s curious and friendly and loves to be held, brushed and played with.  He is fully litter trained and does not require a cage.  Dusty has a fear of slipping on the floor so he requires a large rug where he lives happily. 

He lives well with cats but has not been tested with dogs.  Dusty is easy to care for but requires regular grooming and is seeking a home with children and adults who will love and play with him. 

He loves raisins, belly rubs, ear rubs and snuggling on the couch.  Dusty has a clean bill of health from the vet and is ready for a new loving home.  



Breed:           Sable Mix
Gender:         Female
Age:               Unknown
Neutered/Spayed:          Spayed
Looking for a mate:       Yes, maybe
Special requirements:   None



Beatrix is a spayed female rabbit, tan with an adorable dark brown “mask” across her mouth. Born on October 6, 2022, she came to HRC via the CT Humane Society in late December 2022 as part of a large owner surrender case. She was spayed in March 2023 and has been fully vaccinated for RHDV2 and microchipped.

Beatrix is a good eater and has good litterbox habits. She is very active and likes to jump up on furniture, although she can be a little clumsy and loud when she does. She is a very sweet girl who needs a forever home!


Breed:           Will be announced
Gender:         Male
Age:               Born December 2016
Neutered/Spayed:          Neutered
Looking for a mate:       Yes, maybe
Special requirements:   None

Rudy is a soon-to-be 7-year-old neutered male Lionhead mix. He was born Christmas Eve 2016 along with several siblings, hence the name “Rudy”.

This little guy is always on the move!  He loves jumping up on the couch or racing around the room. He’s spicy, sweet, and cuddly.  He doesn’t mind being handled.

Rudy has lived quite comfortably with cats, dogs, and other rabbits.

Warning: he does come with a “feisty attitude” and can be independent!! 

There’s plenty of spunk left in this handsome bun.  Therefore, he’ll need plenty of space to run in, relax in, and explore.



Breed:           Harlequin
Gender:         Male
Age:               Unknown
Neutered/Spayed:          Neutered
Looking for a mate:       Yes
, maybe

Best with someone with bunny experience.

Hamlet is little adult Harlequin male rabbit.   Hammie may be small but he has a big personality, lots of attitude and sometimes grunts at you.  

He really is a sweetheart in disguise and he adores being petted on his head and between his ears.  He is cuter as can be!!  He has impeccable litter box habits and is a good eater!  He would do best in a home with bunny experience.

Kit Kat and Twix

Breed:           Mini Lop(Twix) and Dwarf Mix (Kit Kat)
Age:               Twix born 2021, Kit Kat born 2023
Neutered/Spayed:          Spayed
Looking for a mate:       No
Special requirements:   None

These two cuties came to us via Animal Control as a result of a large animal cruelty/neglect case in CT involving 17 rabbits and one dog.

Kit Kat and Twix were found huddling together so we kept them as a pair.  We don’t believe they are siblings.

Both are great hay eaters, go nuts over their Oxbow pellets, and turn themselves inside out for their greens which consist of: Romaine, parsley, cilantro, spring mix, and mini sweet peppers.

Sometimes they will each find their own spot to chill in but mostly when you find one, you find the other.

Both Kit Kat and Twix love to be pet and get attention despite their past circumstances.

It’s comforting to know that they have each other to share their lives with. 


We are an all-volunteer, nonprofit corporation with the following goals:
To take in adoptable abandoned rabbits, provide foster care, have them spayed or neutered and find quality, indoor homes for them while also educating the public and other organizations about rabbit care. Hopline.org is here only to help rabbits.


The House Rabbit Connection of Massachusetts & Connecticut is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation and licensed chapter of the House Rabbit Society. 

All donations are tax deductible within the extent allowed by law. The hopline is our way of helping rabbits find an indoor home and help the adopters.


Because animal shelters have limited space for rabbits many rabbits face the possibility of euthanasia.

Adopting a rescued rabbit from HRC makes room for another shelter rabbit to be placed in HRC foster care.

NOTE: We do not accept rabbits from the public.

Before you surrender your rabbit to a shelter please read our tips on dealing with common problems.


We have been receiving more calls to take in abandoned rabbits, so we are looking to expand our current foster network. The only way we can save abandoned bunnies is with great foster homes. We are looking for homes in the Springfield, MA/Hartford, CT area that can foster a rabbit or pair until they are adopted. Please consider opening your home and fostering a wonderful rabbit!  For more information contact us at info@hopline.org or 413-439-7HRC.


We are attempting to get our rabbits vaccinated. All of our rabbits – our own rabbits in our homes and our foster rabbits in our homes. Contact us. We can give you information on where to go and where clinics and appointment options for vaccine availability.

RHDV2 Dangerous Rabbit Virus


COVID SAFETY MEASURES IN PLACE: Masks may be required for all meet-and-greets, and only two people maximum from a potential adopter family will be allowed at a meet-and-greet.  Click on our Adoptions link above in the menu area.


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