HRC Rabbit Care Guide

Rabbit Care Guide is available here.

HRC has self published a free Rabbit Care Guide to help you with a good overview and guidance on rabbit health and care.  This is a great book to read and keep for future guidance. The book is a great reference to have on hand because rabbit care is essential for your rabbit’s well-being. It is a great quick “go to” for a refresher.

NOTE: This booklet has excellent information. Please note that the dangerous rabbit virus is not covered in this book.  This is a current evolving issue – and a VACCINE IS AVAILABLE – 2022!

We provide three versions of HRC Rabbit Care Guide—choose the one most suited to your needs. All of these can be saved to your computer and can be printed.  The Guide was updated April 2023.

HRC's Rabbit Care Guide

HRC’s Rabbit Care Guide

1) “Portrait” print layout; 56 sheets of paper needed to print
HRCGuide April 2023

2) “Landscape” print layout; 28 sheets of paper needed to print (2 guide pages per sheet)
HRCGuide April 2023 Non Booklet

3) Contact HRC for a free booklet to be mailed directly to you. Email to the HopLine

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