Adoptable Rabbits

Give us a call (413 439-7HRC) or contact us to meet our adoptable rabbits

COVID SAFETY MEASURES IN PLACE: Masks are required for all meet-and-greets, and only two people maximum from a potential adopter family are allowed at a meet-and-greet.   See ADOPTION PROCESS link below.

The most rewarding results of HRC efforts relate to the hundreds of abandoned (and often neglected) rabbits that are now rescued and in permanent, loving homes.

Adoptable rabbits are taken from shelters/animal care and adoption centers, examined by one of the rabbit-savvy vets who work regularly with HRC and spayed/neutered if necessary.  Our rabbits are in loving foster home where they are socialized, litter-trained, and prepared for a loving, permanent, indoor adoptive home.  Many of our rabbits are bonded pair and are available for adoption only as a bonded couple.

By adopting a rescued rabbit, individuals are giving a bunny a new “leap on life.”

Adoption Fees: $60.00 for a single rabbit/$110.00 for a pair of rabbits.
All rabbits are socialized, spayed/neutered and litter box trained.

Learn about our Adoption Process Rabbit Adoption

Please consider opening your home to fostering a bunny.  You may not realize the impact you will have.  You will change an animal’s life.  Please talk with us.  We need you.

Daisy & Lily

Breed:           We are absolutely adorable but we will give you more information shortly!
Gender:         Females
Age:               4 months old
Neutered/Spayed:          Spayed
Looking for a mate:       No
Special requirements:   None


Daisy and Lily are two young, 4 month old, energetic rabbits who love to explore outside of their enclosure.

They are not shy at all and do not need much time to get comfortable in a new place.


They get along perfectly and enjoy sharing toys and food. This fun pair would make a wonderful addition to a patient household looking for rabbits with a lot of personality.

Because they are so young, they are still perfecting their litter box habits and learning that humans don’t really like to be nipped!

They are lots of fun but as with most rabbits this young, they require extra supervision and attention when out and about.  They would best be suited for a home that already has experience with rabbits.

Trixie and Georgia

Breed:           Lionhead Angora Mix
Gender:         Females
Age:               Unknown, they aren’t telling us!
Neutered/Spayed:          Spayed
Looking for a mate:       No
Special requirements:   Dental visits are required.

Trixie & Georgia

Trixie and Georgia, a bonded pair, are two very sweet and clever young adult rabbits, with some special needs. They do best with a lot of space to make their own, but still sometimes struggle with consistent litter box use.

These two love new places to explore and toys (especially if it involves hidden treats), as well as always having lots to chew! During the day, they usually flop down for naps in the sunlight.

The girls are very outgoing, active, love to meet new people and be pet. T and G are best friends, but just like any siblings will make sure they get their fair share of attention, food, and treats, otherwise they won’t hesitate to playfully snag them from one another.


Trixie is a little older than Georgia and startles a bit more easily.


Trixie’s left eye occasionally gets irritated because of a previous injury and requires eyedrops to treat.

Both girls need routine dental maintenance from the vet, likely 3-4 times a year, to file down irregularities and keep them eating properly.