Adoptable Rabbits

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The most rewarding results of HRC efforts relate to the hundreds of abandoned (and often neglected) rabbits that have been rescued and placed in permanent, loving homes since HRC’s inception.

Adoptable rabbits are taken from shelters/animal care and adoption centers, examined by one of the rabbit-savvy vets who work regularly with HRC and spayed/neutered if necessary.  Our rabbits are placed in a loving foster home where they are socialized, litter-trained, and prepared for a loving, permanent, indoor adoptive home.

By adopting a rescued rabbit, individuals are giving a bunny a new “leap on life.”

Adoption Fees: $60.00 for a single rabbit/$110.00 for a pair of rabbits.

All rabbits are socialized, spayed/neutered and litter box trained.

Yoohoo and Betsy

Breed:            Mini Rex
Gender:         Male and Female
Age:               3 year old male and 2 year old female
Neutered/Spayed:          Neutered and Spayed
Looking for a mate:       No – Bonded pair  
Special requirements:   None

Yoohoo and Betsy

Yoohoo and Betsy are a bonded pair. Yoohoo is a 3 year old male and Betsy is a 2 year old female. They are friendly rabbits, Betsy enjoys being petted but Yoohoo prefers hands off. They are very good with their litter box. They both enjoy playing with their big cardboard box. They are sweet and are eagerly waiting for their forever home!


Breed:            Lionhead 
Gender:         Male
Age:               4 years old
Neutered/Spayed:          Neutered 
Looking for a mate:       Yes  
Special requirements:   None

Jeffrey is a 4 year old male lionhead, white with blue eyes.  He is as cute as can be!


Jeffrey can sometimes have a bit of an attitude but he is overall a nice bunny.


We will have more of an update from his foster mom soon.

Cocoa and Jackson

Breed:            Lop mix (female) and Male Dwarf Mix (male)
Gender:         Female and Male
Age:               5 – 6 years old
Neutered/Spayed:          Neutered and Spayed
Looking for a mate:       No, bonded couple 
Special requirements:   None

Cocoa & Jackson are a female Lop mix and male dwarf mix bonded pair of rabbits.  They are approximately 5 – 6 years old.


Cocoa is the brown lop mix and she is the friendliest of the pair.  But both are sweet bunnies.  They take a little time to warm up to a  new home but once they get comfortable they are very friendly.

Cocoa & Jackson

They will also mark their territory at first then ease into good litterbox habits.

Cocoa seems to be afraid of dogs.  This nice pair needs a forever home where they can be loved and spoiled!!