What to do about pet stores

Rabbits in Pet Stores – An Overview of The Problem

As a fostering agency, The House Rabbit Connection sometimes finds itself in an adversarial role with pet stores. Often, pet stores create the conditions for people to bring home rabbits into inappropriate environments. Rather than ignore these circumstances, the HRC continues to try to work through education to raise the quality of life for all pet rabbits. That means some of our members interact with the owners and the workers.

Our policy at this time is to encourage reports of neglect and abuse to animals to be reported to the Better Business Bureau. The unfortunate truth is that this is the one place that may get the attention of owners who think no more about their pets as inventory than as living breathing beings. If you find yourself in this predicament, please file a report with your local chapter of the Better Business Bureau, and then contact us.


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HRC established by rabbit lovers for rabbits.

HRC has received emails and calls about local stores selling rabbits. Please consider helping us by writing or approaching stores and respectively and politely asking them to stop this practice. 

With Easter, HRC will see many rabbits discarded over the next few months once the newness has worn off for some.