Why Adopt A House Rabbit?

Why Adopt A House Rabbit?

Simply put, rabbits are excellent companions!

People who share their homes with rabbits quickly discover the value and potential of these charming animals as dear friends and cherished companions.

There are many reasons why you might consider sharing your home with a rabbit.

First, rabbits are extremely intelligent.  They quickly catch onto household routines and interact well with humans, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and birds, if introduced properly.  They respond to their names and to other human language.

Once a rabbit settles into his or her new home, they’ll come running for a pet, a kiss, or a treat.  Most rabbits savor being stroked, brushed, and talked to, and some rabbits even enjoy being held.

Rabbits are clean and rarely, if ever, need bathing.  They groom themselves thoroughly and constantly, instinctively wanting to keep themselves immaculate and scent-free.

Though even litterbox-trained rabbits may drop a pellet here or there on occasion, rabbit poop does not have an offensive smell, and it sweeps up easily.  Wood stove pellets in the litterbox absorb the smell of a rabbit’s urine.

Many rabbits even enjoy the privilege of sleeping in the beds of their humans due to their extreme cleanliness!

Bunny dances (also known as binkies), sprints through rooms and hallways,  “flops” onto the floor for a nap or to signal happiness, and long, luxurious stretches and yawns upon awakening are entertaining and adorable!

Rabbits enjoy playing with toys that they can toss, roll, and flip, and they immerse themselves in time-consuming projects such as carving doors and windows into cardboard boxes.

Bonded pairs of rabbits interact constantly with each other as they cuddle side by side or indulge in games of chase and tag.

If you have a relatively quiet home with no small children, perhaps you might investigate why so many others have chosen to adopt shelter rabbits as companions.

Contact us today if you’re in the Western MA or CT area and you’d like to discuss whether a house rabbit might be the right companion for you!

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