What to Expect if You’re Adopting from HRC

Rabbit Adoption Process

Adopting a rabbit into your home can be a very rewarding experience. The adoption process can take at least 2 weeks depending on the volume of calls as well as the needs of the home/rabbit.

Adopting from HRC means extra special guidance! But mostly – it means you are saving a bunny and making him or her part of your family!

A Call to Educate

A volunteer educator will contact you to review the care and needs of a rabbit. Our volunteer educators will review some of the following material
• Diet and Nutrition—especially the importance of hay
• Litter Box Training—the types of acceptable litter and the how’s
• Housing—size and where the cage would be best and stressing indoors only
• Rabbit Proofing/Toys- Options for the rabbit proofing and toys available
• Spay/Neutering–Why HRC does it and the cost for doing it on your own
• Grooming—whether the potential adopter will clip the rabbits nails or have a vet clip them.
• Other Pets/ Kids– review the possibilities of other animals in the home and introductions and what should be expected for help with care from children
• Vet Care—basic things a rabbit may need—warning signs to look for (ie. Not eating)

The volunteer educator will take your contact information including a home address to send an adoption packet to you.
Adoption Packets include:
1. Cover Letter and Checklist
2. HRC’s Care Guide
3. CT and MA list of rabbit-savvy vets
4. HRC’s membership/annual appeal brochure


Adoption Committee Follow Up for a Meet and Greet

After you have read through the packet of information and if you have not received a call back from the Adoption Committee volunteer please call the Hopline to let us know where you stand.

Someone from the Adoption Committee will contact you to review the following info:
• Any questions that may have arisen during the reading of our material
• Other pets in the home and whether this rabbit s intended to bond with another rabbit (bunny date)
• Your expectations and interest for the rabbit—HRC works to match rabbits’ personalities to the homes they are being adopted into (i.e. bonded mate for another rabbit, a family pet, and a rescue in need of TLC)
• A time and date for you to meet a rabbit at the foster site the rabbit is living in

What to expect at the meet and greet
A volunteer will be present to conduct the adoption—which includes:
• Time spent with the rabbit to determine if there is a match
• Adoption paperwork reviewed and signed
• Adoption fee collected ($60 for single, $110 for pairs)
• Answer any questions you may have

A foster parent will most likely be present to answer any questions specific to the personalities of the rabbit.