HRC is an Official Chapter of HRS

HRC is an Official Chapter of HRS

The national House Rabbit Society licenses local chapters to educate and rescue throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.  A chapter is a tax-exempt corporation with similar purposes, philosophy and policies as the House Rabbit Society, licensed by HRS to use its name and materials. It operates fostering and education programs that follow HRS guidelines.

HRS chapter

We are an official HRS chapter.

The House Rabbit Society has been helping rabbits through education, awareness and care for over 20 years.  With over 7,000 members worldwide, The House Rabbit Connection embraced the opportunity to join as a chapter organization for CT and MA.

At the Annual Meeting in June 2009, HRC’s members voted and accepted its pursuit of becoming an official chapter for HRS.  The House Rabbit Society was very excited and welcomed HRC!

A House Rabbit Society chapter begins with a fostering and educational program and is involved with providing a network for local HRS members, fundraising, offering telephone and written educational services, helping local animal shelters and organizing educational seminars.  HRC has been delivering exceptional local support and has attained these standards since our inception.

  • HRC C0-Chapter Managers for HRS
        • Joanne Kosiorek
        • Marlene Wilhelm
  • HRS Educators
        • Jackie Allen
        • Doreen Reynolds-Consolati
        • Derri Owen
        • Terry Tracz
        • Marlene Wilhelm