Rabbit Health & Care

1. HRC Care Guide – We now have three versions for printing.
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Wild Rabbits: What Do I Do If I Find a Wild Rabbit?
Well, first you read this article!

Traveling With Pets — Excellent article and tips for traveling with pets.

Finding a New Home for My Rabbit
This guide helps you find a good home for your rabbit.

Easter and Rabbits
An overview of the problem.

What To Do About Pet Stores
Unfortunately, pet stores often create the conditions for people to bring home rabbits into inappropriate environments.  This page outlines a strategy to education pet store owners and workers.

Why Rabbits Should be House Rabbits
New England winters provide us with many reminders why HRC is adamant in its belief that companion rabbits should be kept indoors.  The fact of the matter is this: Indoor rabbits live longer because they are safer and happier.  Nothing else really needs to be said. However, if you know someone who needs convincing, this article has  a few things that you can tell them.

HRC’s Checklist for Rabbits
Stick this on your fridge if you are a new adopter!

Veterinary Referrals
HRC’s list of rabbit-savvy veterinarians in MA and CT.

Pet Education.com
Articles on rabbit health.

Lots of articles we like!