Adoptable Rabbits

Give us a call (413/525-9222) or contact us to meet our rabbits!

Here are the bunnies we are currently lovingly caring for until they find their forever homes.

The most rewarding results of HRC efforts relate to the hundreds of abandoned (and often neglected) rabbits that have been rescued and placed in permanent, loving homes since HRC’s inception.

Adoptable rabbits are taken from shelters/animal care and adoption centers, examined by one of the rabbit-savvy vets who work regularly with HRC, spayed/neutered if necessary, placed in a loving foster home where they are socialized, litter-trained, and prepared for a loving, permanent, indoor adoptive home. By adopting a rescued rabbit, individuals are giving a bunny a new “leap on life.”

Adoption Fees: $60.00 for a single rabbit/$110.00 for a pair of rabbits.

All rabbits are socialized, spayed/neutered and litter box trained.



Breed:            Unknown
Gender:         Female
Age:               2 years old
Neutered/Spayed:          Spayed
Looking for a mate:       No  
Special requirements:   Large space


Harriet is a beautiful 2 year old, 6-pount bunny who is still looking for her forever home/

Harriet is a very active bunny who needs a lot of time out of her pen. If she is confined too much or in too small of a space she gets cranky and misbehaves.

She is a curious and friendly girl and a pleasure to have around when she gets enough out time. She has excellent litter box habits and has been socialized with dogs & cats in her foster home.


Breed:            Lionhead
Gender:         Female
Age:               5 years old
Neutered/Spayed:          Spayed
Looking for a mate:       Please call us.
Special requirements:   Rabbit Savvy caretaker required




Addie is a 5 year old lion head.

Addie is a little sensitive and will allow petting sometimes.



She does love her cardboard box and enjoys jumping on top of it!

Addie is a sweetheart, but she needs a home that is very rabbit savvy because of her eating habits and overall sensitive and easily stressed personality. Attention is needed to be sure she is eating; otherwise, she could go into GI Stasis.


Breed:         Californian
Gender:      Female
Age:             1 years old
Neutered/Spayed:          Spayed
Looking for a mate:       Open to a mate, Open to family with small dogs or cats.
Special requirements:    Lots of socialization



Bodhicita is a large beautiful Californian female adult rabbit. She is about 2 years old. She came from a large rescue of meat rabbits in Lincoln, MA and is still waiting for her forever home.

She is a very sweet girl and would be an excellent candidate to bond with your bunny. Bohdi really wants another bunny friend! She is used to small dogs and cats.


Breed:         tan, medium sized
Gender:       Male
Age:              1 -2 years old as of January 2018
Neutered/Spayed:         Neutered 
Looking for a mate:      Open to a mate
Special requirements:  Quiet adult household


Alex is a medium sized male mixed breed rabbit. We estimate he is 1 to 2 years old (as of Jan. 2018).

He came from a situation where a number of rabbits were kept in an old shed and seized by animal control.



Alex is a very sweet rabbit! He is slowly warming up to humans. He now greets his foster mom every time she comes by but still shys away from sudden movements or very loud noises. Has has start to allow pets from his foster mom!

He will also accept food from his foster parents hands and we feel with some time and TLC he will learn to trust and enjoy some hands on attention. He is such a sweet boy and has quickly won the hearts of his foster parents. His litter box habits are perfect!


Breed:         Chinchilla rabbit
Gender:       Female
Age:              Unknown
Neutered/Spayed:         Spayed
Looking for a mate:      Open to a mate
Special requirements:  None


Moochie’s feet

Moochie is a beautiful fawn-colored chinchilla bunny. She’s very curious and loves to explore her surroundings!

This cutie is impeccable with her litter box habits. She’s often found just sprawling out on the floor resting.

It doesn’t take her long to settle in to her new surroundings.

Bunny proofing is a must when she is out of her cage exploring. Mooch absolutely enjoys being pet on the floor where she is most comfortable. If you are looking for a larger more dog-like bunny look no further! Make an appointment to meet Moochie by contacting HRC.