Help HRC

The House Rabbit Connection always needs volunteers to help make our programs successful. Even if you can only volunteer small blocks of time, HRC can use your assistance — wherever you live.

Foster Rabbits

The rabbits that are adopted from HRC are litter box trained, socialized, and make wonderful pets.  HRC needs volunteers who are willing to be foster parents for rabbits adopted from shelters. This involves a time commitment as well as proper space in the home for training and socialization of the rabbit(s).  The most gratifying part of being a fosterer is knowing you made a difference – you helped save a rabbit or rabbits, and prepared them for adoption, bonding, and a “new leap on life.”  Even if you can only help on a temporary basis, let us know you are considering it.

Post Flyers

WE MAY BE AN INTERNET WORLD BUT FLYERS REALLY DO REACH NEW BUNNY ADOPTERS!!!   HRC really needs our flyer posting everywhere!   Help us by hanging flyers, even if you hang just one HRC flyer every week. We know from experience that these tear-off flyers really work!  You can download and print the flyer.  Then take it to your local copy shop, and hang it wherever you can.  Contact us if you wold like to receive a free flyer pack.

Donate Money

Our Paypal account is always available!

Call us old-school, but we also like it when the mailman brings us checks!  Please make checks payable to House Rabbit Connection, Inc., and mail to:
The House Rabbit Connection, Inc.
P.O. Box 83
Springfield, MA 01101-0083


Assist at in-store events

Sit behind a table for a few hours on a weekend with other volunteers (training provided). Answer questions, share stories about your bunnies antics, distribute bunny care guides and sell rabbit-related retail items. Often there will be a foster bunny present too!

Donate Goods

Please support the work of our fosterers and consider making one of the following donations of goods:

  • Stop & Shop and Big Y supermarket gift cards
  • Toys
  • Litter boxes
  • Ceramic crocks
  • Towels and paper towels (no holes or tears in the towels, please)
  • White vinegar (for cleaning)
  • Simethicone (infant gas drops)
  • Little Tykes forts, playhouses, etc., for bunnies to play in while in HRC’s foster care system
  • Large(ish) vinyl flooring remnants for a sanctuary rabbit with incontinence
  • Photo printing paper for photos of rabbits for use on posters at educational events

Become a HopLiner

Return phone calls one day a week or even on a back-up basis.

Clean bunny cages

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!  Dakin Adoption Center in Springfield, MA can always use help cleaning cages, feeding rabbits, and on an occasional basis, working with rabbits on social skills.

Become a member of HRC

We love people with new ideas!  Hop over to our Membership page and check out our membership levels.  As a HRC member, you will receive our newsletter, In Pursuit of Hoppiness.


HRC merchandise not only gives us a small commission for bunnies in need, it helps educate people, too.

Contribute your own unique skills

Here are just a few of the skills that are always in demand: website management, grant writing, copy writing, graphic design, public relations.  Please contact us if you think you can help us!