Shopping Sites and Fun Items

There’s no doubt that bunnies are cute!  And, there’s a whole industry built up around us bunny lovers getting the goods.  Check out some of these sites!

Bunny Heaven — Clothing and gifts and wonderful things having to do with bunnies.

BunnyLuv — An indispensable shop for all things bunny-related.

The Bunny Store — The name kind of says it all. Don’t miss their Christmas ornaments!

The Busy Bunny — An online store that sells edible and healthy chew snacks for bunnies. Check out their blog, too! — This site is both a resource for info and articles, but also a great blog.

For Other Living Things — Critter-, people-, and Earth-friendly items for rabbits — from toys to clean up.

Rabbit Shop –100% of all of their proceeds to go Rabbit Rescue, a non-profit, all-volunteer organization in Los Angeles, CA.

Language of Lagamorphs — If you’ve ever wanted to “speak” to your rabbit, brush up on your Rabbitese!

BunnyBlab — A blog and podcast series devoted to bunnies and other pets. Check out the extensive blogroll for more bunny blogs!  Disclaimer: BunnyBlab is the blog of HRC  member, Dana Gillin.

Rabbit Checks — Order these bunny checks, or custom checks with your rabbit’s photo on them, to support the House Rabbit Connection (HRC receives $1.00 for each order).


  1. Be sure to select “MA1 FD6 House Rabbit Connection” under the Select Animal Welfare Organization option. (House Rabbit Connection is not listed with the other “MA” Organizations. It is listed about 15th from the bottom.)
  2. Be sure to also select the appropriate check style under the Select Image option, which includes “Bunny Buddies” and “Your Pet’s Photo.”
Rabbit Checks

Rabbit Checks

Contact us to add your favorite bunny-related website to this list!