House Rabbit Email Discussion Groups

Here’s how to connect with bunny lovers throughout the world!

The HopLine
An HRC-affiliated email discussion group and open forum for those who have an interest in indoor pet rabbits.  Created as a place for people who have adopted rabbits through the House Rabbit Connection (HRC) and other affiliated groups.

Devoted to the health, care and behavior of domestic, companion rabbits.  A wide membership with varying expertise with rabbits.  Please be sure to check sources before accepting any advice as “expert!”

One of the largest email discussion groups devoted to house bunnies.  Join this if you love to share bunny stories.  Warning: This list is huge and very chatty!  They do have a daily digest option, though, if you want to cut down on the number of emails a day.

Pet Rescue New England
This group is a place to find private listings of  pets looking for new homes, as well as a place to list any pets that you may be caring for who need a new home.

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